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A Literacy Newsletter (April)

Reading Focus Student

Monday, April 11, we will meet during your planning period in Room 102. This time will be used to analyze data on your focus student and address any areas of concern or celebrate areas of growth. By April 11, I will have come in and observed or conferenced with your focus student at least twice. On the shared Google document that I sent every teacher, I am adding all of the data that I collect on your focus student. Please use this document to add data to as well. You should also bring with you any running records, anecdotal notes, formative assessments, etc. that we could use to further analyze. Thank you.

PVES School Book Store

A PVES School Book Store will begin after spring break. It will have new books for students to purchase for $1.00. The bookstore will be open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30-7:55. It will be in the multi-purpose room. Third graders can use a pass that I will send down to the teacher on duty. We are starting the PVES School Book Store to promote literacy and to help students build their home libraries.

April Author of the Month

Kevin Henkes is an author and illustrator of many books including: Chrysanthemum, My Garden, and Wemberly Worried. Remind your students to visit the author of the month table in the library to check out some of his books. When a student finishes reading the book, they can complete a book review on the book for a chance to win a brand new book by Kevin Henkes. The book reviews can be found and turned in at the author of the month table in the library. All book reviews need to be turned in by Friday, April 29.

Real Men Read Day

PVES is going to host a Real Men Read day on May 19. Statistics show that young boys are more interested in sports than books, so we would like to promote a love of literacy in boys. Our school also has students that don't have positive male role models in their homes. This day will help to address both of these issues. If you know of any men that would be great speakers and role models to read to our students on that day, then please let me know. We would like to start contacting them soon. Thank you!


Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help support you in the classroom. I could model or co-teach a guided reading lesson or test taking strategies. If there is a student that isn't progressing, then we can brainstorm strategies to implement. Just send me an email or stop by room and I am more than willing to help.

Please remember this quote as state testing seems to be quickly approaching.

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