The Others in Mal

Pages 86-104


Titus is at a party and everyone was watching a show called Snowblind on their feeds. After it ended, he walked upstairs and found his friends about to get "scrambled". They invite him to join them, but he says no because he is with Violet. After he watches them get absolutely meg cranked bro, he walks back downstairs to find Violet talking to Quendy. Even though she asks him where everyone is, Titus doesn't tell Violet they are upstairs doing a hardcore quiver sesh and keeps their secret. Violet then takes Titus out onto the porch to talk more and turn off their music coming from their feeds. They start talking about going to the mountains and the country, but you can tell Violet has thought about it more than Titus. The conversation then turns to the fact that everyone seemed to forget about when they were hacked and put into the hospital when their feeds were broken, except for the two of them. Violet then announces that her feed is actually still altered after the hacking. Titus is very surprised and concerned, but Violet tries to console him and let him know it isn't a big deal. He started feeling like he was protecting her which he liked, and on that note they kiss and the chapter ends.

The night after the party, Titus has a dream about being at a place with free games. They were childish games, but he decides to play them because they were free. While playing he thinks he feels something nudging his feed. When he asks who it is, and the nudgers respond with the fact that they are the police and they are wondering if he was hacked at the Rumble Spot. They tell him to go back to sleep and that they are going to do some tests on him. After he asks them who they really are, they respond with only gifts that make Titus forget about his question. When he woke up, he only remembered the games and the gifts, it wasnt until weeks later that he realized they weren't the police.

Two days after the party, Violet chatted Titus saying shes working on a new project and that he should meet her at the mall. When he gets there he sees Violet and comments on how ever since the stars of feed shows started getting lesions people have been open towards them, for Violet has one on her chest. Violet then tells him about her project, which is to cover her feed in the most ridiculous and random things so that the feed cannot market to her so that she becomes virtually invisible. Soon after, they venture into a bunch of stores asking for random things such as searchlights that attaches to her stomach, Bleakazoid action figures, dresses for Titus, home endoscopy kits, none of which she actually buys. After they are done running from store to store, Violet informs Titus that she has been earmarking things in a similar style for the past two days. The chapter ends with Titus asking about her parents, in which he finds that her father saved for a year to send Violet to the moon and he couldn't afford to come when she got hacked. She then asks Titus to take her to the "feed technician" office because she has an appointment.

Marxist Lens

- Violet's dad saved for a year to send her to the moon

- Titus had no inclination of how much the moon cost, showing these two were in different social classes

- Her dad couldn't afford to come see her on the moon, while Titus' parents were there as quick as possible.

-Titus' dad does " some kind of banking thing" (64) while Violet's dad is a professor of the dead languages.

"He wanted to come, but it would've been, like, a month of his salary. He saved up for a year to send me" (103).

Feminist Lens

- Violet is a free-thinker

- Fights the system

- Questions authority more than others

- Strong female

- Comparable to the other girls in the group who are typical teenage girls

“Everything we do gets thrown into a big calculation. Like they’re watching us right now. They can tell where you’re looking. They want to know what you want” (Anderson 97).

In what ways does the book question the psychology of consumerism?

Throughout the book, the feed is constantly promoting consumerism to the fullest extent. It is made to streamline everyones personalities so that there is a much easier way to advertise and sell, and with a narrower market to please, it becomes almost unavoidable to give the people what they want. Violet opposes the feed and it's consumerism in this chapter by trying to make herself as different as possible in the eyes of the feed.

Essential Question

Violet states, "When you have the feed all your life, your brought up not to think about things...It's something that makes me angry, what people don't know these days. Because of the feed, we're raising a nation idiots. Ignorant, self-centered idiots." Do you think that it is important to be aware of what is happening in the world to be a truly happy person? Does intelligence=happiness? Do you think Violet's accusations apply to Americans today? How so?