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‘Programming Made Easy’: Helping teachers get the most out of coding

With teachers facing a fresh barrage of computing challenges in September, Mr Andrews Online are releasing a new book to address these demands. Programming Made Easy by David Andrews offers 35 programming lessons for 5 - 11 year olds, and will give primary teachers an invaluable assistance when it comes to teaching code to kids.

A specific number of pertinent apps have been hand-picked in order to give teachers extra confidence and make the crucial transition to programming fun. In each lesson, pupils will become familiar with key programming concepts, which they will revisit as they progress to more complex lesson plans. The lesson plans focus on getting students to understand the breakdown of programming terminology using clear examples and enjoyable tasks.

Each lesson comes with extension activities, focused objectives, fun challenges, and questions to ask pupils, ideas to embed programming so that they remain involved and attentive throughout. There are also screenshots with annotations, to make sure that the activities are extra-clear for everyone involved. Also included are examples of how the pupils can reflect on their understanding by combining creative apps.

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“I saw this product after attending the ‘The New Computing Curriculum Made Easy’ courses by Mr Andrews Online,” said one headteacher at a National Association of Head Teachers' conference. “It is a fantastic resource! The lesson plans are really easy to follow, and will give the staff at my school the confidence to teach programming skills. You can tell it’s created by a teacher who understands the classroom."


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Programming Made Easy is to be released 8th July at £149.99 + VAT. For more information and to pre-order a copy, visit or contact