Communication and Collaboration

for Parents of AP Language Students - Tools in the Classroom


This is a school-based social networking site that allows your child to connect with their teachers and classmates. Don't be nervous when I say social networking! This is not an open site for anyone to join and connect to your child, it is a group made by the teacher. The teacher is able to share educational videos, post assignments, and open discussions to the class to post about. You can also be a part in this website and are able to see what I will be sharing to your child's class. I will be sharing things like Ted Talks, assignment details and guidelines, and forums where your child can communicate with me privately about any questions he or she has about the class or an assignment. It's a very simple site to use and works a lot like Facebook, but is a private group with just your child's teacher and classmates.


Parents: this is not just a site that you use to find a recipe for what you'll make for dinner tonight or how to decorate your living room. This can be a major educational tool if used correctly and creatively! Students can be co-creators of boards on Pinterest and can add links that the whole class can see. This site is where communication and collaboration is seen very clearly. When students find things that interest them or even just help them learn about a concept, they can share it with their classmates in order to create new ideas in the classroom. In this class, we will use Pinterest to add links of works of writing, creative ways that professionals explain these possibly complex works, and humorous ways to increase your child's interest in language and literature.

Remind 101

Another tool we will be using in the AP Language classroom is a great way for me to communicate with your child when he or she leaves school. Remind 101 is a tool that allows me to send simple and quick messages to any mobile device, which could include yours and your child's. Messages could be anything from me reminding your child to bring their textbook to class tomorrow or to tell them that a test got moved to a different date. This tool keeps phone numbers private, the student cannot reply to the message, and it's free on any device. You are able to easily download the message history and can report messages. It's a very safe and efficient way for me to communicate with your child and for them to stay in the loop with upcoming dates and assignments. We both know they will be on their phones anyway so there's no chance they could miss a message from me!

Madison McCabe