BAPS Sunday Focus Term 4 Week 10


Dear BAPS,

I have been experimenting with a more visually appealing Weekly Focus. I know you all stay up late on Sunday night waiting for the email.

So here is a new version for the visual learners.

(please let me know if it does not work for you)

It is a big week for us all as we get into the festive spirit. I look forward to rooms celebrating our success, the spirit of Christmas and learning together. Here's to a great week!

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Reports T4 2015

I will upload the attendance data into our reports on Monday and print/sign them through the week. Please prepare the envelope with the children's art and then send them out on Friday.

Can everyone please ensure the child's name is clearly marked on the envelope. After Wednesday 16 December return reports to the office.

Thank you for your efforts ensuring the reports are professionally and personally written.

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Our 2016 Assistant Principal- Kindergarten- Sarah Young (Allen)

We are all aware of the outstanding job that Naomi has done leading our Kindergarten team and we wish her well at Wamberal PS for next year.

Sarah will join us for the Staff Development Day. If you would like to send Sarah a welcoming email she can be contacted at

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AVID Summer institute

The Summer institute was a tiring but rewarding and inspiring experience. A big thanks to all who took on extra responsibilities to ensure the professional learning could happen.

Some of the highlights for me were-

  • The program has been running successfully for 35 years in the US with 13 of those years in the Primary setting.
  • Looking at how the program improves students life opportunities.
  • The simplicity of its implementation.
  • How seamlessly it blends with the core beliefs of PBL
  • The programs ability to unlock student's understanding of the hidden language which is required to achieve higher level academic success.

The site implementation team will be reporting back to you all in the new year and discussing our plan for 2016.

if you would like to research further the website is below and enjoy the song.

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Other BAPS news

Kelly Sadi is now on maternity leave an we wish her well and hope for some wonderful news soon of a happy and health baby to add to the BAPS family.

What great weather it was for Yolanda's wedding on the weekend.

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This week our TPL will be CPR. It is mandatory training so please ensure you are able to attend.
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This Week


Copacabana Principal Position panel culling @ District Office 8am-


P&C Meeting 9.15 am

PLP Celebration 10.15 am




TUC Grade 10 Graduation 8.30 am - 10.30 am

Have a great week.

Be sure to help your fellow colleague and enjoy the time with your students as we only have a few days to go.

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