Yellow Fever

A Important Vaccine Proventable Disease

Identification and Definition

Yellow Fever is known to be a problem in tropic places like Africa and South America. It can be easily transmitted depending on where you are in the world. It is passed though people by the bite of an effected mosquito. You do need to be tested to find out if you do contain Yellow Fever.


The first epidemic that happened in the United States with Yellow Fever was in Boston Massachusetts, in 1648. It was brought over from the West Indies from incoming chips with infects people. Then in 1931 they tried to take steps to find a vaccination for Yellow Fever. Max Theiler then creates a vaccine for Yellow Fever in 1936.

Signs and Symtems of Yellow Fever

People who are infected with Yellow Fever see symptoms 3-6 days after being infected.

  • sudden onset fever
  • chills
  • severe headache
  • back pain
  • nausea
  • vomiting

After a day of symptoms stronger deadly things can happen to 15% of people like bleeding, and organ failures.

Transmission of Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever is mostly passed through mosquito bites from tropical areas like South America and Africa. The mosquitos get it by feeding on infected primates and then biting humans. Once a human has it they can go back to their urban area and the urban mosquitos can then bite humans and spread the infection through the urban community.

Recommended Control Measures for Yellow Fever

Things that you can do to try and prevent getting Yellow Fever

-Finding a Yellow Fever Vaccination through a health department before traveling to South America or Africa.

-Avoiding mosquito bites

-Wearing proper clothing