Sandro Botticelli

Famous Renaissance Painter

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Botticelli's Background

  • Sandro Botticelli was born in Florence, around 1445, where he stayed the rest of his life.
  • His father was a tanner, which was a person who tans animal hides to earn a living.
  • He apprenticed as a goldsmith then with a master painter with the name of Filippo Lippi.
  • He surpassed his master, Filippo Lippi, in fame and skill, and in 1470 he founded his own workshop.

Adoration of the Magi

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  • Sandro Botticelli helped decorate the walls of the Sistine Chapel, he painted 3 frescoes with scenes from the Old and New Testaments.
  • He developed a highly personalized style, he captured real landscapes with mythological beings.
  • Sandro Botticelli's most famous painting is the "Primavera".
  • Also, at age 15 he had his own workshop, which helped form his unique art style.

Calumny of Apelles

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Sandro Botticelli's Impact on Today

  • Sandro Botticelli is best known for "The Birth of Venus".
  • He was the first Florentine painter to paint mythological subjects rather than religious ones.
  • "The Birth of Venus" and "Primavera" were said to give modern viewers a summary of the spirit of the Renaissance.

Mars and Venus

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Interesting Facts About Botticelli

  • Sandro Botticelli's real name is Alessandro (but he's called Sandro) Filipepi, but goes with Botticelli because his older brother gave him that name meaning 'little barrel'.
  • Also, nobody really knew much about him until centuries after his death.
  • Nobody knows exactly what day Sandro Botticelli was born.
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