Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

October 5-October 9, 2015



Our Class

Design Thinking

Last week in Design Thinking we brainstormed for our big project. The project is to focus on the topic of public health. We were brainstorming about health problems for kids our age. We came up with many ideas, including obesity, bulling, Internet safety, and much more. The class learned that there are some interesting things that cause health problems, and there were some health problems that weren't on the list that they expected. Overall, we learned that body image was the cause of most major health problems for kids. Next, we wrote down the health problems and how they made us feel. Design Thinking was fun!

Nick & Ethan H.

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts, we finished our game boards. We will get to play them next week. Tú was in one of the My Side of the Mountain groups with Tejal and Tedla, and they have been creating a very colorful game board. Greta's group created some cool clay figured to represent characters from The Cay and Lost on a Mountain in Maine. In Writer's Workshop, we continued working on our writing choices and also on our "Fractured Fairytales". On Thursday and Friday, we got a special treat and got to watch a fractured fairytale, Maleficent.

By Jaina & Ethan F.


In this week of Science we had a blast! We learned about protons, neutrons, electrons, the nucleus, and the Bohr model of an atom. To give you a hint on protons, protons give positive energy and are found in the nucleus. Now for the fun part! On Wednesday, we made ice cream! We were asked to observe the making of the ice cream. For example, when we put the milk in the bag, we observed the vanilla on the bottom! It reminded me of flan because of its color. We also observed the effects of salt on causing the milk mixture to freeze into ice cream. Last we learned a lot about salts. Salt up close forms crystals and is a compound made of metals and non-metals. Salt has a high melting point and is soluble in water. Those are some facts about salt. We had fun this week involving Science and ice cream!

By Jessica

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week, we had our geography terms quiz. There were 30 questions about landforms and bodies of water. Before the quiz though, we got a chance to practice and review our geography terms by playing a game. We also are starting a new project on Native Americans. The biggest part of our project is the brochure. It will be a piece of paper that is folded into 3 parts that will have information on it. There will also be extra credit on the project. We also took some notes on the Native Americans of what we already knew about them and wrote questions about what want to learn. We also filled out a map in our notebooks about where the Native Americans tribes were.

By Tu


Art with Ms. Martucci

This week in Art, our class finished up our pastel drawings. We ripped out pages of calendars and sort of copied them onto white paper. Some of us finished our drawings early though. So then, Mrs. Martucci gave some of those "early finishers" another project to work on. It was sketching structures. But, instead of drawing on white paper and using pencils, we used black paper and white colored pencils! Morgan drew a barn. Jaina drew a gazebo. Tú drew a castle. Overall, we had fun in Art this week!

By Katie

Music with Mrs. Kim

This week in Music, we had a test on keyboarding. The test was on the songs Mrs. Kim taught us last week. It was a pretty hard test. The people that did well on the test have been playing piano for years. Some of the people in our class wanted to do part of it this week and the other part next week. Though, some people that passed the test have never even played the piano. Those people have been studying extremely hard. It was really fun for the class because we got to practice with a partner that we chose. Overall, most of the class did a good job on the keyboarding test.

By Rod & Diane

PE with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ussery

In P.E. we practiced for the fitness test. For the fitness test, we have to run a mile. We practiced by running half a mile on Tuesday. Then on Thursday we ran a little further, 3/4 of a mile. Also on Tuesday we had to do push-ups and toe reaches. Then on Thursday, we had to hold flex arm hangs to practice for our fitness test. The test is going to be next week. We are going to take the test through out the year and our goal is to improve and do our personal best.

By Abby & Matt

FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

This week in FIERCE we showed the class our FIERCE videos for our 6 week project. That was where we got put into six groups and had to make a five picture video about our FIERCE trait. We watched everybody's videos and explained how our videos demonstrated our trait. Each of our groups also had to write a paragraph on how well we worked with our peers when we were making our videos. Finally, Ms. Johnson asked us to share ideas of what we want to talk about in the next few classes. We decided to talk about self esteem, friendships, feelings, and way more.

By Tedla & Greta

Spanish with Señorita Webb

This week in Spanish we took a three part quiz. Our test was on shapes and colors. We played a game called Subtitles. One person would say a random noise. Another person would try to figure out what the other person was saying. Señorita Webb gave us worksheets that told us about "hay" which means either "there is" or "there are". We practiced this word throughout the week. Señorita Webb also taught us how to say "a" and "the" in the following forms: singular, plural, masculine, and feminine. This week in Spanish was so much fun.

By Maya & Morgan

Coming Up Next

Next week, the first quarter comes to an end. In Writer's Workshop, the students will be completing their expository and persuasive writing choices. These will be due by Friday, October 16. We are also pushing back the date for our Fractured Fairytales into the second quarter. In Language Arts, the students will be working in groups of three to read and discuss selected Grimm fairytales. They will then create Keynotes depicting their fairytale's key components and analyzing the lessons portrayed in their fairytale. Our spelling and vocabulary tests will also be on Friday (A group: Unit 4 & Blue group: Unit 7 & 8). Coming up next week in Social Studies, we will continue our unit on Native Americans by looking at early tribes and empires, such as the Anasazi, Mound Builders, Inuit, Aztecs, Incans, and Mayans. Students will need to continue working on their Tribe Reports at home, and will also be given selected time in class to work on their research and brochure. In Science, we be exploring chemical changes and reactions. The students will even have the opportunity to design and test their own experiment!

Mrs. Reuter

Parents: Try it out!

On Wednesday, we made ice cream in bags to demonstrate the effect salt and ice has on a liquid milk mixture. We discovered that adding salt to water lowers the melting and freezing points of the water. In our ice cream in a bag demonstration, we observed this in action as our ice melted while our milk mixture froze into ice cream. Try it out at home!

Ice Cream in a Bag Instructions

FIERCE the Mustang

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