Fire Angler

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Why is it important?

In 2014, there were 64 firefighter fatalities in the United States that took place while the firefighters were on-duty. 16 percent of the causes for injury those can be attributed to structural collapse, getting lost inside, and rapid fire progress/ explosion. All of these causes of injury being threats that the firefighters could not detect with the equipment that they used but could have detected with better equipment.
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What is the Solution

In order to help reduce the amount of firefighters that received fatal injuries, we plan on making a helmet that displays information about the surrounding environment. Each of these sensors would provide information useful to firefighters in avoiding certain risks. a temperature display integrated in the helmet could warn them from going into locations that may be near the temperature that certain household items catch fire, a displayed measure of flammable gases, humidity, and carbon monoxide may help firefighters lay rescued individuals far enough from fires. Sensors on the outside of a helmet with face mask would transfer information to an LCD screen located inside of the helmet. With this technology, firefighters would be able to use both of their hands while they are rescuing as well as monitor the dangerous situations around them.