2015 Lunchbox Social

Thursday May 7th I/R and Friday May 8th Homeroom

What is a Lunchbox Social?

A Lunchbox Social is a live open air auction. Students and faculty will all have an opportunity to bid on various Student Council. That Student Council Leader will bring a packed lunch and eat with you on Friday May 8th!!

Underclassmen Auctionees

Christian Cooper

Kendall Howard

Jenna Lockey

Mackenzie Newsome

Kristina Whitley

Tiffany Huggins

Lauren Salem

Cecelia Zapta

Jordan Blakeney

Riley Hovick

Felipe Lopez

Lena Rushung

Sylan Segee

Seth Whitley

Senior Auctionees

Zanec Bivens

Caroline Bradley

Shelby Benton

Maira Gil

Osiris Canabal

Bryce Helms

JB Helms

Ally High

Amanda Miller

Michaela Salem

Jamaria Sanders