The Best Mechanical TV

By Saad,Jaycob,Naomi,Begonya

infomation about John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird was 57 and was born in 1888 August 13 and died in June 14 1946.

What did he invent?

He invented the Mechanical TV.

where was it invented?

It was made in oxford street London.

When was it invented?

It was invented in 1926.

Why was it invented?

So people don't get bored and so they can get intertained.

How has it developed and changed throughout history?

1st jan,1878 the first sketch of the TV.

1st jan, 1884 the first mechanical tv.

1st jan,1925 the true mechanical TV.

1st sep,1927 the eletronic TV.

2nd nov,1936 first public TV Broudcast.

1st jan,1956 first TV remote control.