Welcome and Reminder

2013/2014 School Year is now in session

Required Volunteering

This school year we implemented volunteering as a means of obtaining parental support of all the activities necessary to enrich the school experience for its students.

Each family is therefore required to complete at-least 10 volunteer hours. However we recommend volunteering 1 Sunday every 1.5 months.

Parent must sign up the dates and times they can commit with the school office. Note that the full 10 hours must be met or families will be charged $100.

Registration will close Sunday Sep 22 2013

Parents who have requested financial aid need to pay $95 registration fee per student covering books and snacks. Financial Aid applications are available in the school.

Parents who have not yet paid the fees or registration have till Sep 22 2013 to complete the process. Any arrears past this day will unfortunately results in your child(ren) being un-enrolled from the school. All forms are available at www.alimanislamicschool.org/registration

Please note that Pre-K, 1st, 2nd and 5th Grades are full and already closed.

Online Homework

Using the email id provided to the school, parents should login at http://alimanislamicschool.quickschools.com to view their child(ren)'s progress and online homework

Please check the spam or junk email folder in case you have not yet seen the invite email. Or please send an email to info@alimanislamicschool.org requesting a login.