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News You Can Use for the Week of 12/15 through 12/19

Digital Citizenship

5th grade will begin teaching Digital Citizenship lessons to the students Friday, December 12th. We will teach one or two lessons each week, as our schedule allows. The students will be given a Digital Citizenship "passport" and will earn badges/stamps for each lesson they complete successfully. Inside the passport, is a list of rules the students must follow when using their technology. This passport will also be used to keep track of any problems that occur with the student's use of their technology. On the back of the passport is a chart detailing the consequences for each different level of technology misconduct. If you have any questions about the Digital Citizenship project, please contact your child's teacher.

This link contains excellent resources for parents wishing to look into how to keep their child safe on the Internet:


Its Time to Order Your Yearbook!

Yearbook orders can be placed online at balfour.com. 5th grade dedications can also be completed on the Balfour website. The cost is $10. Please contact Mrs. Sorrells if you have any questions!


5th grade teachers will offer tutoring this week on Wednesday afternoons from 3:05-3:35. Your child's teacher will notify you if they would like your student to attend tutoring. If you would like your child to attend tutoring, please contact your student's homeroom teacher.

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, December 17 - Classroom Holiday Parties at 1:30 pm

*Note- this is a change! Our original party was scheduled for Thursday, December 18!

Thursday, December 18 - Honor Choir Field Trip to Nursing Homes

Friday, December 19 - Early Release at 12:30

Monday, December 22 through Friday, January 2 - Winter Break


This Week in ELAR

We will be continuing our visualization skills, as well as inferring meaning and finding evidence from nonfiction text. We will be moving beyond the topic we are reading and understand it in a new way by combining what we already know with the new information from the text. We will be in partners and groups with task cards to make our learning fun!


Monday--Reading Log

Tuesday--Reading Log

Wednesday--iStation on home computer or iPad

Thursday--Reading Log

Please also make sure your child is completing their 20 minutes of reading per day and completing the Reading Log.

This week in Math

We have an exciting project this week to help us learn about fractions and geometric shapes. On Tuesday and Wednesday we will be making gingerbread houses during class. Your child will represent the amount of candy they put on their gingerbread house as a fraction and identifying the geometric shapes they use. A note was sent home Thursday, December 11 listing the items your child needs to bring to make their gingerbread house. These items include one cube-shaped tissue box (empty), on box of graham crackers, 2 tubs of white frosting, and one other item of candy to share with the class (circled on the page sent home). Thank you for helping make learning fun!

Homework: Please bring in items for the gingerbread house on Monday (or earlier).

Monday: It's Time to Take Aim! pg. 98 (adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators)

Tuesday: TEKS Review 7-1 & 7-2

Wednesday: Think Through Math

Thursday: no homework

Friday: no homework; Have a safe and wonderful holiday break!

This website provides a link to several resources we use for math:


This Week In Science

This week we will continue our unit on fossil fuels. We will explore the processes that led to the formation of sedimentary rocks and fossil fuels.

Learning Goals

  • Sedimentary rock is formed over millions of years from the deposition of sediment in layers. Sediment layers on top apply pressure to those on bottom, compacting them into sedimentary rocks.

  • Fossil fuels are formed over millions of years from the deposition of organic materials in layers. Organic matter in bottom layers begins to decay from the pressure and heat generated from the layers above them.

  • Fossil fuels are formed in sedimentary rock layers when materials are compressed and heated deep under the Earth’s surface.

Essential Questions

  • What is sedimentary rock?

  • What are fossil fuels?

  • How is sedimentary rock involved in the formation of fossil fuels? How long does this process take?

This Week in Social Studies

This week we will continue examining the events that led to the American Revolution. The kids are so excited to get into this war! We have been reading Chains, a beautiful story told from the perspective of a young slave girl, owned by an undercover Loyalist, who is secretly working to earn her freedom by helping the Patriot cause. The students LOVE this story and cannot wait to read it each day! It is giving them terrific background information about how the Revolution, specifically the tension that led to the Revolution, affects those who were actually living it! This week we will focus on the French and Indian War, the Stamp and Townshend Acts, and the creation of the Sons of Liberty.

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