Figurative Language

Dr. Wise

I can...

1. understand common similes, metaphors, and idioms

2. use similes, metaphors, and idioms correctly in writing by creating a digital presentation


I can identify common similes and use them correctly in my writing.
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"Similes and Metaphors" by The Bazillions

Student Assignment:

1. Look at Dr. Wise's Buncee on Similes.

2. Make your own digital presentation on similes using Buncee.

3. Make a title page with your title and your name

4. Use your notes and this website to create the presentation.

5. You need to have at least three sentences that have similes on three different slides.

6. Put your url on the padlet, so we can all see your presentation.

7. Do the Simile Quizlet

Buncee Website

Class Code: 66YR


I can identify metaphors and use them in my writing.
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I can identify common idioms and use them in my writing.
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Brain Pop Video and Activities

username: rsetn password: brainpop

Digital Assignments:

1. Flocabulary Assignments

2. Assignments

3. Exit Ticket: Padlet Post

Digital Center: Make a buncee presentation about similes, metaphors, and idioms.

Padlet Post: Figurative Language

You will write three sentences; one using a simile, one using a metaphor, and one using an idiom.

Digital Centers/Games to Play: