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Why The Bomb Should And Should Not Have Been Dropped

Should The Atomic Bomb Have Been Dropped?

This article features two opposing sides and viewpoints about whether or not the bomb should have been dropped on the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Rebecca Perea speaks about why she thinks the bomb was useful and Taylor McKinney talks about her opinion on why the bomb should not have been dropped.
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Why It Should Have Been Dropped

By Rebecca Perea

In the article, "General Douglas MacArthur Offers Words of Peace After Japan Signs the Official Declaration of Surrender." by Douglas MacArthur, he speaks about how if the A-Bomb had not been dropped, there would have been many more casualties. An invasion was planned on Japan, but they feared that if they had done the invasion more people would have suffered death. “...He feared an invasion would result in even more vicious and protracted combat as well as heavy American casualties.” (MacArthur 1940). The bomb had helped us in many ways to, first off it furthered our knowledge in weaponry, second off it helped us finish the war. It's amazing that scientists invented something so great in power, and today we have more fire power and we are one of the top countries in war affair. “But the greatest marvel is not the size of the enterprise, its secrecy, nor its cost, but the achievement of scientific brains in putting together infinitely complex pieces of knowledge held by many men in different fields of science into a workable plan.” (MacArthur 1949). In my opinion, even though many innocent japanese lives were lost, the US still won the war. By dropping the bomb it furthered our knowledge, prevented casualties and helped the US win the war.

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Why It Should Not Have Been Dropped

By Taylor McKinney
In the novel “Hiroshima” by John Hersey and the article “If the Atomic Bomb Had Not Been Used” by Karl Compton, people speak about everything that had happened after and during the bombing and many believe the bomb should not have been dropped. First of all, the city was destroyed far beyond repair. Buildings were torched and burnt to the ground, the land caught fire, plants and animals were killed, and toxic radiation was released into the air. It was very destructive to drop the bomb on the city because, first of all, they didn’t give any warning. There were families and children living there who should not have had to die for the war. “Hatsuyo Nakamura, weak and destitute began a courageous struggle, which would last for many years, to keep her children and herself alive.” (Hersey 91) The vice president of America did not exactly want to drop the bomb either. First of all, it was kept a secret from him until it was ready to drop. The men who made the weapon, J. Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein, didn’t think it was a very good idea either and were nervous to release it. “The most terrible weapon ever known in human history.” (Truman 1999) I personally believe the bomb should not have been made or dropped because the amount of physical and emotional damage it caused. Most of the people lost someone close to them or suffered from medical symptoms for the rest of their lives, and sometimes both. The bomb was also very expensive and was way too costly for something that could have been accomplished with something smaller. I do believe it helped stop the war, but I feel they could have used a less dramatic way of doing so. Also, that act furthered research in weapons which I don’t think will help us at all in the future. The bomb should not have used up so much of scientist’s time or money to create, and definitely should not have been dropped on Hiroshima or other cities.
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