"Yummy" Webquest

Miss Klein's English II

Use the following links to help you complete your assignment. If you do not finish in class, please do so tonight and bring your completed worksheet to class tomorrow. This will be due for credit at the beginning of class.

Required Sites

Everyone will need to go to these sites to complete their assignment.


Choose to watch one of the following to complete your assignment.

If you are interested in learning more about Yummy and his story, watch the first video.

If you would like to learn more about violence in Roseland, watch the second video.

Robert Sandifer murder

If You Didn't Get the Worksheet:

Instructions: Use the provided websites and videos to find historical information that relates to your text, and to answer the following questions. You may write on this sheet, or attach another sheet if you need more room.

1. The graphic novel did not address what happened to Yummy’s killers. In one or two sentences, explain the consequences of their actions. Does knowing how Derrick has turned his life around change how you view him? Explain.

2. Yummy was portrayed in the graphic novel as a boy in a bad situation. In the Time Magazine article that you read, however, people were not surprised or sad to see him end up a victim of gang violence. Why do you think Neri (the author of the graphic novel) decided to portray Yummy in the way he did?

3. State which video you chose to watch. Do you think Neri created an accurate representation of life in Roseland? Use evidence from both the video and graphic novel to support your answer.