The Creator of Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls is awesome.

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Alex Hirsch.

Alex was born June 18th 1985.
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He created the first episode of Gravity Falls on June 29th 2012.
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Alex showed a video at the end of weirdmageddon #3 about a statue in the woods with a tresure inside. It is shaped like Bill Cypher from the show. No one knows where it is but two people me and someone on
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Gravity Falls: Mystery of the Bill Cipher Statue - Real Life Hunt!
bill cipher statue theory


Bill Cypher has family too.
Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher's Brother - Secrets & Theories

Bill Saves Stan.

Bill saved Stan from something big.
Bill Cipher Saved Stan Pines! Gravity Falls (rhyoTe)


The difference in the theme song is that Bill Cypher is in front of the town while it is on fire and Stan is in front of the Mystery Shack in perfect shape.
[HD] Gravity Falls Theme Song
Gravity Falls: Weirdmageddon Theme Song
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The background has eyeballs looking at them when they are running from Cypher.
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Pacifier has a pacifier in his belly, 8-ball has 8-balls as eyes, Teeth is teeth, Xanthar is a mountain.
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By: Abram Miller