Team News

March 27, 2013


Welcome to our wonderful team and to Origami Owl! There is so much to learn, and at times, it can be overwhelming. However, we are all here to help each other succeed.

We have numerous resources available to help us to be successful in our business. We have our back office, our mentor, Team SWIFT Facebook page, and the brand new Team SWIFT Training Suite. First and foremost, your mentor should be your first choice for assistance in addition to your back office. This is actually what the Nest prefers and encourages. If your mentor is unavailable, you should reach out to their direct upline (mentor).

My mentor's Team Facebook page and Team SWIFT Training Suite are also great resources. If you are on Facebook and are not a member of the group page, Team SWIFT, let your mentor or me know. Also, I have been sending invitations to join the Team SWIFT Training Suite. Please send me an email to if you have not received an invite.

There are other Facebook pages you can join as well as O2Loop. However they are optional to join and I would caution with joining too many groups on Facebook. There is so much information out there and not all of it is correct. Not to mention, it could add to the feeling of being overwhelmed. We highly recommend you go to your mentor, Team Swift Facebook page and the Team SWIFT Training Suite for comments and questions. These are your best source for information and they allow you to network with other members of our team.

National Convention in July

Our National Convention in July is almost sold out!! Register as soon as you to secure your spot. Also, I have two rooms already booked if anyone needs a place to stay. We can do four adults in each room. Available on a first come first serve basis. Send me an email at if you are coming! Hope to see you there!

Exciting Changes

If you were able to participate in the webinar on Monday, you heard about some exciting changes coming our way! New Hostess Hoot Loot shipping order forms.....upgrade to our back office.....and more! Please remember these changes will not go into effect until April 16. It is also best not to share with your customers or post items through social media until the Nest posts them in our back office. Changes can still take place until we receive official word from the Nest.

Please note, past webinars can be found in our back office under Resources. Contact your mentor for further information.

Back Office

Be sure to check your back office for some very important updates and documents!!

- Policy and Procedures

- Product Availability

- Weekly Updates

- And much more!