Weird Facts About Crabs

By, Athony Stearman

Fact 1.

Baby crabs are called hatchlings.

Fact 2.

The largest crab in the world is the Giant Japanese Spider Crab, which can measure up to 13 feet across.

Biggest crab to smallest crab

Fact 3.

There are about 5,000 species of crabs.

Fact 4.

Crabs have large compound eyes made up of hundreds of tiny lenses.

Fact 5.

The word "Cancer" is related to the word "Crab" In latin, which is why the astrological sign, "Cancer" is a crab. (IM A CANCER!)

(This is why I am happy) Cancer from one of my favorite shows!

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Fact 6.

Crabs communicate by flapping their pincers or drumming their claws.

Fact 7.

Crabs can regrow limbs, so they can lose a claw or a leg in a fight, and it will grow back.

Fact 8.

Crabs are distant relatives of spiders.

Fact 9.

Crabs are known as, "spiders of the sea" because, like crabs, spiders have legs that bend at the joints.

Fact 10.

All crabs have one pair of pincers, and four pairs of walking legs.