Gathering Blue

By Lois Lowry

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When Kira's mom dies, Kira herself faces death.

Kira is viewed as "useless" in her community because of having a twisted leg. Because of that, some people want her gone. Kira feels that she is doomed until Jamison, a member of the Council of Guardians, wins the trial for her. She becomes the community's Threader. As she goes through the year restoring the Singer's robe, she finds out secrets about her community and the people in it that will change her life. Forever.

"Just keep swimming no matter how hard the current." ~Ava

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Author: Lois Lowry

This story about acceptance will pull you right in as you witness the struggles of Kira's life. "No one would desire Kira. No one ever had, except her mother. Often Katrina had told Kira the story of her birth-the birth of a fatherless girl with a twisted leg-and how her mother had fought to keep her alive." Her mother was gone now, just like her father, and there is no one left to protect her anymore. She wears a pendant around her neck that symbolizes her mother. That is all she has left of her. Will Kira be able to survive the struggle against society as her community views her as bootless; useless, and insignificant? Will she be able to deal with the danger and secrets she comes upon, or will she choose to leave forever?