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Companies that provide replacement windows and doors in Markham and across Canada are often small businesses. They may be family owned and they serve a specific geographic area. As a homeowner how do you select a company , window and door companies nearby, to carry out work on your home?

There are certainly fly-by-night operators in the business. Their work may be priced attractively but you may regret awarding them work on your home afterward. Here are some guidelines to help inform your decision and so that you select a company that is reputable, and receive work that will satisfy you into the future.

History of Window Manufacturers Toronto

Take a close look at how long they have been in business, and also if there has been tenure in ownership. What is the ownership history? In some cases, companies flip ownership. This can be a flag for dubious business practices and a bad service history. There are also many newcomers to the business who have not develope their level of expertise as yet. They may not have the best equipment, access to the best products, nor the best teams to handle your project.

You should be able to easily find who are the owners of the business. Often the story of how they got into the business, the values of their company, and their areas of specialty are described on the website.

The contact information should be accurate, and form fields and clickable links on the website should be working properly. A company who is thriving pays attention to their website.

Highly Recommended in their Online Presence

Today companies promote themselves online, and so we can find a rich history on their work, in-depth explanations of their services, photos of their work, and testimonials from past clients. There are online service directories such as HomeStars and Houzz that provide a place for companies to collect testimonials from their customers.

A company in good standing should not have a spotted record, but rather a pattern going back into the past of consistent excellent testimonials in customer service, and in providing high quality home improvement services.

Today’s top replacement windows companies in Markham, and across the Toronto area have a regular presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Dissatisfied previous customers may use these platforms to voice grievances, so take the time to see what is being said about the companies you are evaluating. Check their Google Business page as any flags for concern around business integrity and past service may be seen here.

Fake Reviews

A company who has a dubious past or is not reputable will post fake reviews. Evaluate the quality of the reviews you read, the number of reviews, and patterns of repetition. If something seems suspicious to you in the online reviews they receive, then you are probably spotting a quality or integrity issue with that company.

Carry out an online search using the company’s name to reveal what has been published about them in the past. Past legal proceedings against the company or its owners may appear up in the search results. This information will serve to confirm any suspicions you have about companies you are evaluating.


In highly competitive industries such as windows and door replacement companies in Toronto, there can be pricing practices that a homeowner should understand. When these companies are forced to compete on price, you may find very attractive offers available online and as an incentive to make an appointment with a sales rep.

What is the deal they are promoting on their vinyl windows, single hung, double hung windows, awning windows, casement windows, bay windows, or exterior doors, patio doors, storm doors or entry doors?

Many firms offer an extremely attractive online offer that is not actually available to you. Read the find-print of their quotation - an insist on a written quotation from them.

These generous offers are used as a hook to get in the door to your home. There is a range of quality when it comes to replacement windows and accepting a low price is a guarantee that you will be getting low quality.


What does low quality mean when it comes to replacement windows and doors for your home?

It can mean that the windows are made cheaply, with parts and materials that will not hold up over time. All replacement windows today claim to be energy efficient so ask about this. Poor quality refers to installation also. If your door installation poorly done or the window installers lack credentials, and you may have issues with leakage down the road. There can be heat leakage in the winter raising your hydro bill, or even pest infestation in your home from poor installation work.

Many companies hire independent installation contractors to save money on installation. Such an approach does not vet the contractors for their carpentry experience, nor does it protect you the homeowner around the quality of installation.

How do you protect yourself?

Make sure you ask about the full range of products available from each company, informing yourself about the differences between the product they are recommending and more expensive options. Ask them what competitors product theirs line up against. There are firms who specialize in selling low end, inexpensive products that are not durable. Replacing your windows is a costly project for any homeowner, so you want to ensure you are getting the best value for your budget. Ask them if the installation team that will come to your home are full time employees of the company. The installation is as important as the window product you have selected.

Protect yourself as a consumer by selecting a company that knows what they are doing and can prove it.

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