Curriculum Connections

December 2016

Enjoy the December 2016 Educator Resources from the Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Department!

Congratulations to the November Curriculum Connections' winner, Shawn Enright at Junction City Elementary in the New Lexington Schools.

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Project Happiness

“Although happiness is a timeless and universal human quest, only in recent years has research turned its focus on how happiness can be sustained and increased. Science has now confirmed that with certain practices we can change the neural pathways of our brain. Happiness is a set of skills we can learn through practice.”

Check out the 7 Happiness Habits backed by Science from the Project Happiness Handbook by Co- Author Randy Taran.

Strategies for Music Education

These teaching strategies and lesson plans will provide you with easy-to-use and developmentally appropriate practices that can be used in young children's music education. Learn how to incorporate technology in your classroom with teaching strategies that support the National Standards for Music Education. There are great lesson plans that will have your students singing, moving to the music, and learning about language. You'll find helpful resources to incorporate music across your curriculum. Click here to see full article.

Spotlight on Technology Integration

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has ODE funding for under-served schools to receive video conference programs! Here is your chance to get content based programming delivered directly to your classroom through interactive video distance learning. Connect with "experts in the field" on a variety of topics. For a complete list of programs, check out the museum's website!

Five-Minute Film Festival: Developing Global Citizens

“In our increasingly connected and interdependent world, it’s critically important that young people have opportunities to engage with diverse cultural perspectives, build geographic knowledge, grow global competency, and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to consider and address our shared global challenges.” Ashley Cronin, Digital Resource Curator, Edutopia

Review the video playlist suggested by Ashley Cronin to bring global experiences to the classroom.

From the National Geographic Society

Here’s a spectacular site from National Geographic Society It offers resources for social studies and science educators: lessons, activities, games, multimedia, mapmaker kit and more.

Spending Time with Mrs. Claus

Virtually connect your class to Mrs. Claus!

Intended for KDG-2nd Grade Classrooms

Do you need a holiday-themed lesson to address the Common Core Standards in Mathematics? The interactive video conference…Spending Time with Mrs Claus will address those needs and keep your students talking for days to come. This is one of our most popular December lessons! Register online to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited and are scheduled first come first serve!

Click here for more information, cost and registration.

New! ReadWorks Digital

The nonprofit ReadWorks provides K-12 teachers with free literature resources.

New in 2016 is ReadWorks Digital! Find and assign award-winning articles, create classes for assignments and formative assessments, have students read online and support progress by analyzing formative assessment data.

Erich’s Puzzle Palace

The Erich Puzzle site offers math and logic puzzles offered at three levels of difficultly. Here’s one piece of interest: November’s Problem of the Month: What is the largest area that can be filled in a regular hexagon by m regular hexagons of one size and n regular hexagons of another size if none of the hexagons overlap? The wide array of puzzles is worth a moment to investigate.

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Holiday Projects: Classroom Decorating and Gift-Making Ideas

Are you tired of doing the same holiday art project year after year? Or maybe you are looking for a new project kids can make for holiday gift giving? Education World has just the project for you! Included: Handprint wreaths, cinnamon-scented ornaments, tissue paper bows and more. Click to see more.