Arabic 1 Friday 10/14 يوم الجمعة

Happy Friday - Great Culture Cafe Last Night!

What an Awesome Culture Cafe We Had Last Night!!

There were almost 21 people attending and had a great discussion about "Faces From Ancient History_Arab Scientists"

شكراً for all the STARS that attended. Please check your coaching session grade for your extra credit after I receive your email in my inbox in Canvas! ممتاز يا شباب

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Missed our 2nd Culture Cafe? No problem, this is the article we shared last night!

CLICK: WATCH this video from Culture Cafe

Did you miss our 2nd Arabic Culture Cafe? CLICK to WATCH the video that we watched about the most influential Arab Scientists whose discoveries contributed greatly to our current civilization!

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CLICK: What Modern Scientists Say About Ibn Al- Haytham

11th century scientist Ibn Al-Haytham. “A journey of Science from Darkness into Light”.

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What Assignments are Due by Sunday 10/16?

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Quizlet with me _TEST your Lesson 1-5 VOCABULARY

** Don't forget to explore all practice modes (test, race, scatter, flashcards, speller etc..)


If you absolutely have to miss a language coaching session, please send a message to your coach ahead of time, so they won't be waiting for you! THEN:


  • Check out this "Coaching Schedule" link or go to the course home screen under Language Coaching Icon, and see if there is a time/day that works for you, perhaps with another coach.
  • Let that coach know (via Canvas message or in the session) that you're making up a session.
  • In order to be counted present, please let your main coach know what coach and what time you attended via e-mail inside Canvas (please copy me, your teacher).

OR METHOD 2:*** (You are allowed this method TWICE a semester for emergency)***

  • Listen to your coach's archived session that you missed (your coach will share a doc of all archived sessions).
  • Listen to the entire archive. Then, E-MAIL your coach (copy your teacher) with the date and time of the archived session and a brief summery of the content of the session.
  • Your coach will go back to the attendance sheet to change the status and I will give you credit for having attended a coaching session once I see you have accessed & listened to the archive.

**Method 2: You will not receive full credit for using method 2. You will have points taken off due to the fact that you are not participating during that session. All you are doing is listening, and not participating therefore points will be deducted. The highest grade you can get using method 2 is 80% Remember: language coaching will help you improve your speaking ability in Arabic!! It is a great place to practice, participate, and meet other students from your class! It is also a BIG part of your grade!!

Alphabet Writing Game To Practice

If you are curious and anxious to get started to learn the Arabic letters, then click on the link HERE. My kids LOVE this game. My 6 year old Son's favorite letter is "Alif" which looks exactly like number one in English.