Queen Elizabeth I

Queen of England

Queen Elizabeth I

Born- September 7, 1533

Died- March 24, 1603

Elizabeth I was born at Greenwich Palace on the River Thames downstream from London in Saxon, England.

Family Problems

King Henry VIII of England was Elizabeth I father, which was unfortunate. Henry VIII wanted a male heir to the throne, so he kept marrying-six different times. The order of the endings are divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. Elizabeth's mother was second, who was beheaded because she didn't give birth to a male heir. In addition to her father, her half-sister, Mary I imprisoned her in the Tower of London under the accusation of being involved with the Protestant rebellion.

Contributions and Accomplishments

As Queen of England, Elizabeth I had much impact on the world and her people. A major accomplishment was the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 and prevented further attempts of invasion in 1596 and 1597. At the time, the Spanish Armada was the largest in the world and the defeat is still one of England's greatest military achievements. One additional accomplishment for the Virgin Queen was just that- she was a queen without a king, and the people still loved her.


1) Elizabeth's mother was executed two years and eight months after she [Elizabeth] was born

2) She could speak English, French, Flemish, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Cornish, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh- a total of ten languages

3) Elizabeth's reign is also known as the Elizabethan Age, which was also the era of William Shakespeare's plays

4) Because Elizabeth I never married or had any children, she is often known as 'The Virgin Queen'

5) Queen Elizabeth I was the last monarch in the Tudor reign in England

Bonus) The queen was often shown wearing a thick layer of white makeup and although this was a popular fashion at the time, she wore it to cover up scars left after a bout of smallpox on October 10, 1562


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