Country 1 - Ireland

Zoe Palmer


Type of government- Constitutional republic

Leader and title- Michael D. Higgins, President

Limited or unlimited- limited

Eupropean union member- yes

Current government event or concern- Ireland technically becomes first of Europes crisis-hit countries to emerge from international financial rescue program

Historical political event- Bloody Sunday

Historical monument- Anglo-Irish war

Person who changed history, how- John Phillip Holland, invented the submarine

Population- 4.589 million

% arable land- 1,062,000

Agriculture- Food, fibre, fuel

Human enviorment interaction- Fishing and farming

GDP $- 210.3 billion

GDP per capita $- 45,835.75

Currency- Euro

Exchange rate to U.S. dollars- 1 euro = $1.36 U.S. dollars

Major economic activities- agriculture: food and drinks

Famous brands of the country- Baileys Irish Cream, Guinness, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Harp Lager, and Waterford Crystal

Language- English and Gaelic

Religion- Roman Catholic

Famous landmarks- Cliffs of Moher, Barney Stone, and Connemara

Cultural foods- corned beef and cabbage, lamb stew

Music/literature- folk/poetry has a past in Ireland

Location- Europe

Climate- mild and moist

Topography- rivers and hilly

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