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Calendar Update!

Due to the wild winter weather, the 3rd marking period will now end on Monday, April 13th. For a complete list of 2014-2015 calendar changes, please visit the district's website.

Program Planning

Sophomore and Junior Counselors are in the process of meeting with each student to review course selections for next year. Verification Sheets will be sent home through Advisory on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. Please review your student’s requests for next year, and note any changes to those requests on the form. Forms are to be signed by the student and the parent and are to be returned to Advisory by Monday, March 23rd. Please note that once Verification Forms are signed and returned, no changes to course requests may be made, in accordance with the Course Change Policy. Please refer to the Guidance Website (Program Planning Page) for more information.

Advanced Placement Exams

This year’s AP Examinations will take place during the first two weeks of May (May 4 – May 15, 2015). Any student who is currently enrolled in an AP class this year will be receiving a purple registration form and an AP Booklet in their Advisory. Completed registration forms and payment should be returned to Ms. Matthews in the Guidance Department. All registration forms are due by 3:00 p.m. on March 20, 2015. For specific dates and for more information on AP Testing, visit the official College Board website.

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Congratulations CB West Athletes:

Senior wrestler Riley Barth earned two wins at the PIAA championships which gave him 133 for his high school career. Riley is now CB West's all-time leader in wins.

At the PIAA swimming and diving championships at Bucknell University, Sarah Stim finished 11th, and Kelly Margi was 15th in the diving competition. Henry Mackensen finished 30th in the boys 100 butterfly with a time of 53.45.

The girls basketball team defeated Archbishop Carroll 60-45 to earn CB West's first ever trip to the PIAA semifinals. The girls will play Palmyra high school on Tuesday (Reading HS at 6:00).

Phoenix Magazine Hosts A Coffeehouse

Friday, February 20th might have been the coldest night of the year, but it was warm inside the West cafeteria as the Phoenix Magazine hosted its third annual Coffeehouse. West’s best acoustic musicians displayed their dizzying array of talents, and Phoenix Club poets read their original work to a crowd of over a hundred students, families, and teachers. The Phoenix will be donating the proceeds from the evening to Arden for All, a program through which the Arden Theater Company in Philadelphia provides play tickets, teaching artists, and theater outreach programs to needy students.

Boomerang District Winner!

Sarah Ernst, CB West Junior, was selected as the Boomerang Youth Recognition Award High School recipient for February's Asset: #36 Peaceful Conflict Resolution. Young person understands the benefit of peaceful conflict resolution. He/she is considered to be a “resource” to others, one who helps solve problems and helps others in difficult situations.

Sarah embodies this Asset both in and out of the classroom. She’s also a very likeable kid amongst her peers. She is very bright, so people listen when she talks. But Sarah is soft spoken, so she can defuse tense situations simply by injecting a cool, well-thought-out answer that cuts through any shouting or heated argument. Over the last two years, Sarah has also grown more assertive, in that she’ll speak up and speak her mind more frequently, making sure there’s always a reasonable voice in every discussion going on around her. Not only does she demonstrate these traits in a variety of courses with a variety of peers, but she embodies this Asset through activities such as mock trial, which is all top-flight kids. Sarah is the go-to girl for this Asset!

Bucks County Science Fair!

Congratulations to the members of the Central Bucks West Science Research Club for a strong performance at the Bucks County Science Research Competition (BCSRC) this past week. As a result, 19 members were invited to compete at the nationally recognized Delaware Valley Science Fair (DVSF), a competition attended by students from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Each year, winners at that event are invited to attend the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

Also, 26-members were invited to compete at the state-level of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) competition in May at Penn State University in University Park, PA.

A special thank you to Dr. Gerard Michaud, a community volunteer who has assisted the club for several years. Also, thank you to the Central Bucks West Science, Guidance, and Mathematics Departments for their assistance in helping students execute research, create presentations, and prepare application materials.

Fair information and posted results information can be located at:


BCSRC Results

Bahner, Matt (12)

The Statistical Mechanics of the Likeliness of Quantum String Entanglement from Agitation and Position Randomization

1st place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Baig, Rasha (11)

The Encapsulation and Decapsulation of Mammalian Cells in Alginate Hydrogels

2nd place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Bhut, Kishan (11)
Analyzing Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms with Computer Based Algorithms

Honorable mention

Bhut, Mira (12)

Loglo: Utilizing embedded systems to maximize efficiency of restaurant staff infrastructure

Honorable mention, SWE Award

Boulton, James (11)

Shore stabilization via manmade barriers

2nd place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Bowen, Matthew (12)
A Generalized Algorithm for Hess's Law Using Modified Gaussian Elimination

Did not compete (PJAS only)

Bremier, Izora (12)
Molecular uptake microscopy analysis: 2D surfaces vs. 3D alginate hydrogels

Honorable mention, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Cantrell , Olivia (10)

Producing Energy from Enriched Mud

2nd place

Chodisetty, Shreya (10)

Effects of Concentrations of Ampicillin on Bacterial Resistance in E. Coli

2nd place

Craine, Amanda (12)
Determinants of Cell Spectral Markers for Assessment of Engineered Cartilage: Are Fibroblasts Present?

1st place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Darcy, Jack (11)

Cellular uptake of fluorescence silica nanoparticles: 2D surfaces vs. 3D alginate hydrogels

2nd place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Glickman, Orli (12)

Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

2nd place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Glickman, Danny (10)

Creating and Comparing Properties of Various Methyl Esters for use as Biofuels

1st place

Govani, Somil (11)

Programming an Adaptive Artificial Intelligence using the Monte Carlo Tree Search Algorithm for Strategy-Based Games

1st place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Hanbicki, Deiter (12)

Computer Simulation of a Fission Reactor at the Center of the Earth

1st place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Hensel, Shane (12)

Comparing the Magnetic Properties of Nanoscale Iron Films Grown on Varying Substrates

1st place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Hotham, Hayden (11)

Solar Powered Charging Stations for Drones

1st place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Jia, Ashley (11)

Kinetics and pH Effects in the Removal of Anionic Organic Contaminants Using Anion Exchange Resins

1st place, Dow Award ($100), SWE Award

Kelleher, James (12)

Sex Identification in Birds using QPCR Methods

1st place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Kim, DhungJoo (12)

Antimicrobial Properties of Cordyceps Sinensis

Did not compete (PJAS only)

Kubit, Matt (10)

Analysis of the transition and transversion ratios within humans and between species
2nd place

Kuchibotla, Avyay (11)

Examining %GC Content and its Significance Across Multiple Nucleotide Sequences

Mandell, Sam (12)
Design and Production of a Compressed Air Powered Engine

1st place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

McCausland, Hannah (11)
The Examination of Possible Connections Between Grapheme-Color Synesthesia and Perfectionism

1st place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Mullikin. Ella (11)

Drainage of Glyphosate, isopropylamine salt

2nd place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Panchal , Yachana (11)

Can interactions with nanostructured materials improve cell attachment proliferation and overall cell performance?

Resuta, Ashley (12)

Soil Moisture Detection and Notification
2nd place, SWE Award, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Salois, Braden (12)
Design and Production of a Compressed Air Powered Engine
1st place, $40,000 Del Val Scholarship

Swope Rachel (10)
Isolation of a Bateriophage for Staph Aureus from Rumen Fluid

1st place, Dow Award ($100)

Watkins, Nathaniel (10)
Theoretical & Experimental Investigations into Low-Index Metallic Nanostructures

1st place

Watkins, William (10)
Physics Numerical Simulation & Chemical Synthesis of High-Index Metallic Nanostrutures

1st place

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