AMI Information(April 2)

Manila Middle School 2019-2020

Message from Mrs. Helms

Dear Parents,

What you are being asked to do is hard and stressful. There is a reason that we all pick a career path and have different types of employment. Each of us specializes in different things.

Being a parent, having a job, and overnight becoming a teacher is like having three jobs at the same time. It’s too much to balance at one time some days. When given the choice, pick quality time with your child and family.

Remind your middle schooler that they are safe and loved. Yes, AMI work is important but so is your social and emotional health. Don’t forget, we are in this together. Take the time to build a stronger relationship with your child. I know that times are hard. Take the work one day at a time.

AMI packets for days 11-20 (April 3rd-17th) are outside the middle school and ready for pick up. Please only pick up a packet if your student is unable to connect to online instruction. I truly want as many students as possible engaging with teachers daily. AMI packets for Days 2-10, need to be turned in outside the middle school by April 10th. If you are unable to drop off the packet at MMS, please drop it off at one of the buses providing meals on Monday and Wednesday.

In closing, know that MMS is here to assist you and your child. Teachers are available from 9:00 am-3:00 pm Monday-Friday. If you need anything, please call or email us.


Mrs. Helms

MMS Google Classroom Codes

Manila Middle School

Teacher Google Classroom Codes

Baker, Melissa -

6th - 2bqnh32

5th - tl5jmel

Library Reference - om2we4q

Barrentine, Christina -

3rd- idik7b7

Belew, Kelly

5th grade: 3j4gl7n

6th grade: ees4fl7

Birmingham, Brooke-

1st/2nd period- sy7fa52

3rd period- xtm5hdp

4th/5th period- aabpbg5

6th/7th period- 7s3syki

Braden, Dana

1st pd 8th ELA Combo: 3qj2c3y3qj2c3oad photo

2nd pd SS: hvc3gho:hvc3gh

3rd pd 8th ELA:umjoyjw

4th pd 7th ELA:2felahu

5th pd 8th ELA:vso6tir

7th pd 8th ELA combo:bq5xv6z

8th pd 7th ELA: rxoo3bh

Cameron, Jamie

Caban, Melody -

2nd/3rd period: xxa2xif

4th/5th period: bas6ajd

6th period: poes6o7

7th/8th period: ektplyo

Chipman, James (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies)

Crane, Jason

2nd Period EAST 2fa62sh

3rd Period EAST l5dyjsa

4th Period EAST r5puwae

5th Period EAST 5vi76ne

6th Period EAST e73przs

7th Period EAST ppljusb

8th Period EAST qxnfs34


Deaton, John

Glenn, Sean

3rd period: obaf4bc

4th period: sod2eak

6th period: 6gkjezg

Hamilton, Jonna

Hawkins, Heath

1st/2nd Period Career Development: qsp6hy4

3rd Period Keyboarding/KeyCode: atornqe

5th Period Keyboarding/KeyCode: qpayxrl

6th Period Robotics: a7o3n3v

7th/8th Period Career Development: jxuh7nf

Helms, Danny

1st/3rd periods: cpsz5x5

2nd period: 74pufty

4th/5th periods: b4r4qy5

6th/7th periods: 7sfiam7

Helms, LeAnn

Hill, Corie (Packets mailed to students)

Hill, Cortney

1st/2nd period: 3p4apfs

3rd/4th period: hltzfca

5th/7th period: kuy5wwi

6th period: 24lnvtu

Lee, Norma

Malone, Christie

P1 ba4dyah

P2 v5putrv

P3 cupc3dv

P6 eywsehh

P7 c4ygfmj

P8 aey7ngw

Matheny Heath

P4 fdreyif

McDonald, Judy

Metheny, Janet

P1 obbl2v5

P2 uyrh37z

P3 tmfiux7

P5 5n4b57b

P6 yjqz5fe

P7 dcfmhmv

P8 pplb6u4

Misner, Patti

5th Grade Science: yre5suq

6th Grade Science: j7p4bwq

Morphis, Sammi

2/3 periods- 3e3t443

4/5 periods -tbvfjzq

6th period - vpu3xo6

7/8 periods - wvjroks

Morris, Jessica -

⅓ -ch2el55

⅘ - deefkal

6 - ydvgomq

⅞ - lzsrmms

Myers, Jon

Varsity Band - gogcukc

Intermediate Band - odjmanq

Beginning Band - my34fui

Parker, Susie

Parrish, Carla

Pryor, Amy

1st/2nd period--i5dhzmf

3rd/4th period--sp3pyhg

7th/8th period--dif7uax

Puckett, Jimmie

1st period yeigld2

4th period l5zvztg (first letter is an L not 1)

5th period 3gbp2xa

6th period e6nt6rr

7th period oobvg3f

8th period yyzcq2m

Scott, Tammi

1st Period Class Code: Iscgpsd (the first letter is a lowercase L)

2nd Period Class Code: k5baam6

3rd Period Class Code: vdddnxn

4th Period Class Code: euag6f6

5th Period Class Code: s7ngu4v

6th Period Class Code: 652y5i4

8th Period Class Code: mouvhh7

Street, Francis

2nd Period Class Code: m4ggk5i

3rd Period Class Code: smbawzb

4th Period Class Code: 6jmccry

5th Period Class Code: rv5svyy

6th Period Class Code: a3xaamf

7th Period Class Code: kmvcfvo

8th Period Class Code: wlq7v4p

Tarver, Magan

3rd and 4th period code: bgtdwkl

7th and 8th period code: eiydjxg

Take Flight classes are not on Google Classroom. The information has been mailed home.