User Interface & Web Scripting

March 28 - April 1: 4th Qtr Begins

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Weekly Learning Goal:

Students will be able to build complex animations.

Monday, March 28

No School - Teacher Planning Day

Tuesday, March 29

Welcome Back! "Success doesn't come to you, you go to it! Let's finish RAM strong.

Do Now: Clean out your notebooks

Whole Group: Video, Review of classroom rules & expectations, Review of Learning Goal

Assignment: Create a Quizlet with Chapter 8 vocabulary

Exit Ticket: NEW FORM: Click here for reflection

Wednesday, March 30

Do Now: Create Quizlet

Whole Group: Cloze Document

Exit Ticket: Learning Scale Reflection

Thursday, March 31

Do Now: Exercise 5-1

Whole Group:

Exit Ticket:

Friday, April 1

Do Now: Learning Goal Reflection

Whole Group:

Exit Ticket: