King Philip II of Spain

One of the most powerful leaders in history!

Fun Facts About Philip II!

Birthday: May 21, 1572

Death Date: September 13, 1598

Dates of Reign and Country: 1556-1592 Spain

Name of monarch and Family name: Phillip Hapsburg

Philip II's Goals as a leader

King Phillip II of Spain was very Catholic and wanted to have a Catholic country. As leader, Phillip tried to convert Spain to an all Catholic country. Knowing this would be very difficult, he also knew not everyone would convert willingly; he did not care if they were doing it willingly or because they knew they had to. As long as everyone in his country was Catholic, that would complete one of his biggest goals. In order to force everyone into Catholicism, he would have to use the Spanish Inquisition and create a very strong monarchy. The creation of a very strong monarchy was a very difficult task for him, but he would not go down without a fight. Phillip was eventually known as a man who could defeat most anyone as long as Catholicism was being spread, which he indeed did defeat many people for the sake of Catholicism.

What did Philip do to Achieve his Goals?

Phillip knew that people always had tricks up their sleeves to try to overtake other people's power. Knowing of this, Phillip never let his secretaries or councils control him. Having much work for just one man to do, King Phillip was often behind on things. Though he would not let is secretaries or councils control him, he would allow them to assist him in things he needed help with. Philip was not a fan of protesting. Not being a fan of protesting, Phillip went to the auto de fe, which was one of a many series to eliminate Protestantism. if people were not allowed to protest, people could not protest against his desire for an all Catholic country. This thought made him want a protest free country all the more just for that reason.

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Achievements of King Philip II

In 1557, King Phillip II of Spain defeated the French at St. Quen. King Philip II was a very admired leader in his era, and is still very well known. Being such a good leader, King Philip set many trends and patters for government. Places that used King Philip's pattern of government were Spain, America, the Philippines, and his European possessions. King Philip had created a very strong and powerful monarchy for his government. Creating a strong monarchy was one Philip's goals, so for him to achieve this was very important to him.