Air Pollution And Improve Are Air

By: Zachary Mills

How Air Pollution Affects Our Health

Asthma is a serious environmental health threat, but it can be controlled by taking medication and by avoiding contact with environmental "triggers" such as dust mites, furry pets, mold, tobacco smoke, and certain chemicals. Some acts of air pollution like smoking,and other toxic chemicals will hurt people with asthma may give people asthma. This is why we need to try to get people to be careful or just quit smoking

How it affects children more

Many children are affected by air pollution each roughly 1,000 to 4,300 additional premature deaths nationally per year. This young kids are future and by not protecting them from harmful substances we may not have a future. If you see a kid near a toxic substance or has smoke all around them try to get them out so no kids die. These kids are young and by saving them we are saving the their future.
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Some natural things that can hurt us!

Toxins is the air can affect our crops but these are some other things it can affect.

1)Eating food products contaminated by air toxins that have been deposited where they grow


2)Water contaminated by air pollutants,

3)Ingesting contaminated soil, and touching contaminated soil, dust or water.

So please be more green and stop releasing toxic chemicals into our food we eat every day

Today's world

Many company's today are industrial in China where the United States and other countries get most of there products, but in China there have major air pollution because of it and i affects millions of people. Also health health alerts triggered by a cloud of toxic smog along with air pollution from Europe. This is hurting the 1.357 billion people who live in China.

Even today its hard to be green ,but at least try if you can may people will and many people wont. Just give it a try

The Affects of China's Air Pollution

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