A great place to visit


Maceió is the capital of the state Alagoas which is located on the the northeast of Brasil.


Maceió is the most populous city of Alagoas with more than nine hundread thousand habitants.

There the weather is usually warm and rainy during the year.

There happen some festivities like "Maceió Forró e Folia", "Maceió Music Festival" and others.

Places to go

There are 7 museums, including the "Palácio Floriano Peixoto Museum" and others.

There are 2 important theaters, the "Gustavo Leite Theater" and the "Deodoro Theater".

There are 9 shopping centers.

There are some cinemas and libraries which portray the culture of the city.

There is one of the most famous stadiums of Brazil, the "Rei Pelé Satadium".

There are some beaches.