4B Post Assessment

LaShaunda Rogers

Sports Team

Asch (Line Experiment)

On the basketball team our coach would single out the girls that were late and make us do something different than what they were doing even though he told us to do what they were doing. The girls that were late were oblivious to what was going on and began doing what everyone else on the team was doing.

Zimbardo (Prison Experiment)

Ever since our coach received “Coach of the Year” she began changing towards us the environment of the “fame” made her big headed and she would talk down to the same players she so called loved.

Milgram (Obedience Experiment)

Our coach would often tell us we sucked and we were losers and that’s all we will ever be and after hearing that from our “leader” or the person in authority over us we actually began to believe it.


During basketball season it’s like all of the female players try to become one. We put aside our differences, whether it is mental or physical, it’s like we all try to be like each other no matter how different we are.


A lot of people aren’t good with authority especially females with another female leader. While in practice one of the female coaches tried to talk down about one of our girls to another player and since they had the authority the other player had no right to speak back to the coach in any way but a respectful way.


One player got 2 technical fouls in back-to-back games so instead of the coach making just that girl run all of the girls had to run.

Fundamental attribution error

A player of the opposing team ran the court trying to get a fast break but little did she know she was running to our goal and made the two points for us.

Self-serving bias

One of the players thought she was the best so she’d put herself at the top of list for everything. For example if you were to ask her who she thought that starting lineup would be she’d start off by saying “Well… Me, of course, and etc.”

Group think

When we are split up into separate teams and have to come up with our own game plans in practice we tend to get off topic and stray away from what we were trying to figure out in the first place.

Group polarization

After we would discuss games as a team and point out what was done wrong whoever feels like they should’ve done better or even did their best would speak out and let everyone know how they feel.