Red River Cart for sale

Asking Price: $30.00 - $35.00 for one oxen

This Red River Cart is currently on sale

Almost brand new Red River Cart. Barely used. Only driven to from Fort Ambercrombie to Fort Abraham Lincoln and back. Barely any Indian attacks. Brand new passenger-side wheel, the other fell off because we hit a large rock. Come on up and take a look at it NOW!
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Just $30.00

About the Red River Cart


First appeared at fort Pembina in 1801 and quickly became popular. The carts had no metal parts at all, it was all wood and animal hide. The cart was buoyant if you took off the wheels so you could float it across streams easily. This cart was so strong, it could carry up to 1000 pounds of supplies. It was a very good and successful idea. Since Oxen pulled the cart regularly, it was given the nickname "Ox Cart"


- small

- buoyant

- reliable

- cheap to repair

- Easily repaired


- Broke very easily

- could not be oiled

- terrible squeal of the wheels

How did this impact North Dakota-

This cart came into popularity around 1810. It was an easy, reliable, and cheap way to transport good. It sped up travel to faraway places and could float across streams. It was one of the best things that happened to the Dakotas in that time.

Importance to North Dakota-

The Red River cart is very important to North Dakota because it is part of our history as a state. It was one of the things that helped settle this great state.


It is believed that the Metis people (a word meaning "mixed". Originated from fur traders marrying native american women. They did not consider themselves as white or native american.) first used around the early 1800's. They have been credited as the inventors of the Red River Cart.

The Red River Cart will last you a lifetime

The Historic Pembina "Ox Cart" Trail