Brisbane water national park

By Lauren Griffiths

I am doing Brisbane water national park it has a lot of water falls and a lot of rocks, trees and more Brisbane park has a lot of sites to go and see and there is a lot of cool animals and kids will love it. There is three different ways to take driving 1. 7h 10mins 2. 7h 36 mins 3. 9h 3mins from mulwala to Brisbane water national park. If I was to go I would take the 7h 10 minutes on the way I would stop at albray then Wagga Wagga the Bathurst. There is a lot of water falls that you can go to and take pictures and have a picnic. But some water falls you can not go to because it is to dangerous and the cliffs are old and starting to fall. If you were wondering the temperatures in summer is about 15-27 degrees selseas and in winter it is about 5-19 degrees selseas. The rating is 4.6 stars