American Pioneer

You Wouldn't Be an American Pioneer!

A Wilderness You'd Rather Not Tame

Written by: Jacqueline Morley

Fact 1

In the 1840's, most people of the United States live near the Eastern coast of North America.

Fact 2

You will need to fill your wagon with enough goods to at least 5 months: sacks of beans, flour, and dried fruit; barrels of bacon, coffee, and sugar; clothes, bedding, tents, tools, guns, cooking equipment, medicine, soap, and candles.

Fact 3

The land they have to cross belongs to native tribes of people called Indians.

Fact 4

There are huge herd of Buffalo in North America at the moment, but your fellow pioneers are killing an awful lot of them.

Fact 5

Most wagon trains hire a guide, such as fur trapper who has been west and knows at least part of the route.

Smore by: J'Mea Maddox