Freedom Mentors

your place for updates on mentoring at Freedom (2:15-3:00pm)

Mentoring starts January 5th

When you arrive at Freedom, please check in at the office. You will receive directions about where to meet with your 6th grade students from there.

Mr. Green, Mrs. Snider, and/or Ms Kerr will be introducing you to your mentoring student so that you can get to know each other and start work on setting goals.

Mentoring Matches

At this time, we have more volunteers than we have students signed up for mentoring. Mr. Green, Mrs. Snider, and Mrs Ebbing assigned mentors to the students needing mentors. Any volunteers who do not have an assigned student may stay in the library until it is time for homework club.

The following students have been assigned mentors at this time: Allie Nicholson, Allie Weber, Natalie Whitaker, Marin Sandefur, Taylor Hauter, Kennedy Addington, Hannah Guise, Paige Nelson, Jillian Kreimer, Afia Owusu Korkor, Ryan Ray, Sean Murphy, Ava Rowling, Gianna Conklin, Ashlyn Kalo, Prisha Vatsal, Morgan Saylor, Madison McKinney, Jason Zepahua, Lana Powless, Shayna Codd, Lindsey Speed, and Millie Dube.

If more students are submitted for mentoring, we will assign other volunteer mentors as needed.