War Of 1812

By: Landry Freeze

What is Nationalism?

Nationalism is when you believe in something that has to do with the nation.

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What is a War Hawk?

A War Hawk is when twenty democratic republicans persuaded the Congress to have a war against Britain.

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3 Examples of Nationalism in the War of 1812

1. Their was frontier nationalism when the army of Tennessee and Kentucky had a new leader.

2. Also American people had nationalism when they beat the British in the wars.

3. Lastly their was nationalism with a plan that Henry Clay came up with.

3 Reasons for the War of 1812

1. One reason for the War Of 1812 was that we had trade restrictions from Britan.

2. The second reason for the War Of 1812 was the impressment of the Navy.

3. The last reason for the War Of 1812 was that the British pushed the Native Americans to fight the settlers.