Service Learning was awesome!

This month the Stacey advisory went out into the San Jose community garden at Wallenberg Park to pull weed and plant seeds. After getting 3 plots of land ready for future gardeners, we headed out into the park to pick up trash, remove graffiti and move mulch. This community garden operates totally organic. Check out their website. We met some local gardeners and let that Sage and Rosemary know who was the boss!

According to the students:

"It felt nice after because I knew that I made the community a better place."

"Food tastes better when you work for it."

"We had $14 for feeding 9 people. I had a great time!"

"I felt we made an impact on the world by our service."

"I really enjoyed seeing the difference that we made."

"I worked on a plot that was abandoned. It took a lot of work but it had a lot of meaning."

Wallenberg Park - named after a man of action

"The stories of true heroes are timeless and must be passed from generation to generation. They provide a legacy of hope and inspiration. Raoul Wallenberg, a Christian Swede and Third Honorary Citizen of The United States, is just such a hero.

At the behest of the United States government during World War II, Wallenberg, at age 31, a businessman and artist from a prominent Swedish family, went to Budapest, Hungary in 1944. In a six month period, he saved more than 100,000 Jewish lives from the Nazis. He never resorted to violence. For yet unknown reasons, Raoul Wallenberg was arrested by the Soviets in 1945 and has never again been seen as a free man.

His fate remains a mystery."

The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States

Ask about our Christmas activities!

I know how 8th graders are in the car ride home. Ask them anyway. We have been busy with Reindeer food, Santa stuff, and making trees. Tell them I told you to ask!
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Happy Holidays!

Dates to remember!

Lessons and Carols this Friday Dec 19th at 11:00am!

Dec 14th - Will in Christmas on Hold @ Saratoga Federated

Dec 19th - Noon Dismissal

Dec 25th - Christmas

Jan 5th - School resumes

Jan 16th - End of 1st Semester