My poetic justice poem

Michael Hernandez

The Ghost

The ghost is eating toast

It also tried to roast the toast

Then the ghost lit the house on fire

It said it wasn't him but he is a liar

The ghost was put in jail

But when he got out it started to hail

Then the ghost started to cry

The officer stood up and sighed and why

The ghost said he hates his life and he wants to die

The officer said but your already dead

The ghost looked at the officer strangely and pulled

off his head


Summer is good, summer is great, summer is the time when I don't have to rake. In the summer I go swimming. In the summer I have fun. In the summer i take vacations on special occasions. I go to the beach the water is cold but I have to start to man up and start acting bold, then i go home and take a shower and when i come out I smell like flowers.

Today I get up and get ready to eat. My family and I hop in the Lexus and we drive off and go eat some breakfast. Then mom and dad said where should we go and we all said Mexico . We all pack packed our bags and got ready to go and I looked out the window and said goodbye Ohio.

We arrive in Mexico and it was really hot , I looked at my phone is was 117 degrees. Then the baby pooped and the car needed some febreeze. Then we arrived at our hotel and it was sloppy. Then we turned around and exited out the front lobby.


See those big, puffy, white clouds

Smell that pine as the wind brushes up against my face

Hear Seagulls screeching in the distance

Taste the sweet, and tender grape right off the ground

Feel the Suns heat burning my Face