Learning Technology @ JSL Updates

The L.T.Memo dropped of the radar amongst all of the work I was involved in pre-launch in Term2 for the BSN Junior & Senior Schools iPad Launch. It is now back to life and in a new jacket - just in time for Summer 2013 !

Year 2 Story Starters - Morpho Minibeasts

This term saw the start of iPad minibeast season in Year 2. Christoffe came around to tell a few of you how it works and was fizzing with excitement about it. We used the Morpho app to animate photographs of large minibeast models. The app gives the option to add facial features, position and resize these, and to add eye colour. Then, the most exciting part: you can record your voice and set the emotional tone to happy, sad, angry, fearful, surprised, confused and to adjust the tone to High/low. Playback and your own voice is altered, and spoken by a moving mouth on the minibeast and lively eyes ! Great fun.

Year 2 will use these animations as story starters to inspire creative writing about minibeasts and their habitats.

Y6 1:1 iPads Next Stage - Getting used to collaboration and workflow with Showbie

Since the Junior School iPad launch on March 2nd, iPads have been an integral part of daily learning in Y6.

We ran a Y6 and IEC teachers workshop with Joe_Moretti in March and followed up with a session with Y6 students at JSL, JSD & JSV 2 weeks ago. Y7 & 8 got to work with Joe last week at SSV.

Y6s have worked on a range of apps and are now being encouraged to select apps that they feel are best suited to create work they are asked to do. They are dropping assignments into Showbie which can then be annotated, 'green penned' and returned to them ! Showbie also enables a range of media, iBooks, docs, links, to be worked on and shared within one safe and managed forum.

Team teaching between myself, Mel and Matthew enables us to hit several activities and skills sets within each session where students have more access to us in smaller groups.

What's Showbie all about ? - see video below.

See How it Works

Fun Apps to Try Out

  • Simon and Lina from Y1 helped me test Foldify yesterday - easy to use and has a range of uses. It is a paid app at Euro 2.69 which allows you to paint, or draw on template nets. We made some colourful 3D Pyramids !
  • Education aside for a moment, for the Eurovision fans among us - there's now an free official app, Eurovision Song Contest for that too !

Student Voice : Israh's Tale - Being a JSL Digital Leader.

Israh Ghobbar in Y4 has been at JSL since the doors opened and will be leaving us this summer. She has been a fantastic Digital Leader and an example to others. This is her story ...

[Israh wanted to share lots of information, so is a little nervous at the beginning of the clip].

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