Women Culture in Acient Greece

By: Kortnee Miller

Their Religion

  • Women held a lot of festivals
  • all the population celebrated the Diasia.
  • The Diasia is a festival to celebrate their God Zeus.
  • the people give him offerings such as food since he is known as the fertility of the soil.
  • Women had an important rule in funerals.
  • their only function was to prepare the body, carry the libations during the funeral.

Economic Role

  • women did not keep a shop or do marketing business.
  • its only the men's role to work at a shop or do market business.
  • women traded foodstuff and perfume.

Domestic Role

  • Wealthy Women spent most of their time at home or indoors.
  • They occupied themselves by doing housework all day long and we're not allowed to leave the house unless their husbands told them they could.
  • Women were responsible for taking care of the house and kids.
  • wealthier women had less opportunity to mix socially. Since they were wealthy they were not allowed to associate as much with the poor.
  • If the poor women had all the housework done and no kids around they often would go outside and help assist their husbands with the marketing.
  • That is only if the husbands say they can because that is a men's job.
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How Greek Women Are Different Now

Nowadays, women in Greece live like any other women in the developed world. They are considered to be equal and have the same rights as men, at least typically. They have become a lot more independent, they work, have a social life and the right to participate in politics.