BCPS Access 24 Chromebook Program

for ALL 6th - 12th graders 2018-2019

BCPS Access24

BCPS Access 24 will provide students with anytime/anywhere access to a rigorous, equitable instructional program delivered through a 1:1 Chromebook initiative. This initiative will further enhance their knowledge for authentic, real-world experiences. Once a device is distributed to a student, they will be able to take the device home for educational use.

Please note that although this is a summary of key points from the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Chromebook User Agreement (TRUE), you are responsible for understanding and agreeing to the entire AUP and TRUE document, which are available online at our district technology website. http://www.bullittschools.org/27/Home or the BCPS Access 24 Website - http://bcpsaccess24.weebly.com/.

Mission Statement

The Bullitt County Public Schools learning community will educate all students to high levels of academic performance as measured by state and national standards by creating and maintaining a positive learning environment with a comprehensive system of support.

We Believe...

All children can learn.

Higher expectations will yield higher results.

Excellence is attainable.

All people need a safe environment, both physically and emotionally.

Family and community support is essential.

All people are responsible for their own choices.

Relationships are the foundation of a positive culture.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Key Points:

Access is a privilege—not a right. Independent access to network service is given to individuals who agree to act in a responsible manner. Users are required to comply with District standards and to honor the access/usage agreements they have signed.

What is a Chromebook?

The device your student will be receiving is a Chromebook. It is a special kind of laptop that uses the Chrome browser as its operating system. This makes the device very fast to use and boot up once it is powered on. Although it has some limitations without an Internet connection, it does have the ability to do some viewing and editing of Google Drive files while OFFLINE. The device also has two USB ports, one HDMI port, an SD card reader, a headset port, and webcam / microphone.

Logging into a Chromebook:

Students will log into their Chromebook with the same credentials as they would to login to their school email. (BCPS Email Address -

firstname.lastname@stu.bullitt.kyschools.us and their email password which is 7 or more characters long.) In fact, on any device with a Chrome browser or Google Drive app, students will be able to log in and access their files using their Bullitt County email address and password.

How do students care for a Chromebook?

  • Charge the Chromebook to 100% every night and bring it charged every day when they attend school. Students should never loan their Chromebook to others.

  • Please carry the Chromebook appropriately, with two hands or in a protective case, sleeve, backpack or protective bag.

  • Avoid food, water (pool, tub), and pets near your device.

  • Do not use markers on the Chromebook or place stickers or any other decorations onto the Chromebook. (Other than district-approved ‘removable skins’.)

  • Use a soft, lint-free towel to clean the screen - do not use spray or liquid cleaners of any kind.

  • Never leave the Chromebook outside, in a car (due to weather or possible theft) or any other location unattended. Keep in a controlled-climate area.

  • Be careful placing the device on tables or chairs so that it doesn’t fall or become damaged

  • Documents are saved with your Chromebook using cloud storage. This will require you to have a District issued Google Apps for Education account. Using this account, you can save, export and import documents. This allows you to access your documents from other devices via the Internet. You can also share your documents with other students or your teacher

  • Do not modify, alter or remove the BCPS asset tag or markings in any way. Students may be assessed a fee of $15.00 for any violations that are found during regular inspections.

  • Take good physical care of your device, because you will use this device for several years while you are in BCPS.

Excerpt of Network/Internet Responsibilities:

  • All communications and information accessible via the network should be assumed to be for the individual consumption of the user; however, privacy is not guaranteed.

  • You may not use, destroy, or alter anyone else’s account, use another user’s password, trespass in another user’s folder, work or files.

  • You may not gain unauthorized access to the BCPS network or offer BCPS network access to any other individual via your Bullitt County Public Schools account.

  • The BCPS network may not be used to remotely connect to computers or other devices outside of our network.

  • You may not connect to any unauthorized wireless network other than the BCPS wireless network while on school property.

  • You may not damage computers, the network, or school/district websites.

  • You may not intentionally spread embedded messages or other programs, download freeware or shareware programs, or install software on BCPS computers.

  • You are not permitted to get from or put onto the network any copyrighted material (including unlicensed software), threatening messages, or obscene material. Violating copyright laws, including illegal copying of commercial software and/or other protected material is strictly prohibited.

  • You may not send or display offensive messages or pictures, including those that involve profanity, obscenity, and harassing, bullying, or intimidating communication that would disrupt the educational process. Harassment as defined in board policy shall not be allowed.

  • Using technology resources to bully, threaten, or attack another person, setup unauthorized blogs or journals or social networking accounts is a violation of the BCPS acceptable use policy.

  • No illegal activities including those for commercial purposes or financial gain, may be conducted via the network.

Chromebook User Agreement (T.R.U.E.)

Responsible use of the Chromebook is use that is ethical, academically honest, supportive of student learning, and respectful.

Student Chromebook Use Responsibilities:

  1. Students will have digital citizenship requirements during the school year as needed.

  2. The Chromebook is provided for school-related purposes only. Acceptable uses of the Chromebook is limited to responsible, efficient and legal activities that support learning. This regulation of use includes the use of the Chromebook in all environments, including but not limited to school, home, or extracurricular functions.

  3. All users must comply with policy on harassment when using district technology. (BCPS Policy 09.42811) Users also may not forward or post personal communications without the author’s prior consent.

  4. Students should not capture audio, video or still pictures of other students and/or staff members, nor share such media in any way, without consent of the students and/or staff members and the approval of the appropriate Principal or designee.

  5. If a student encounters a security or other problematic issue, he or she must immediately notify a teacher, administrator, or IT technician.

  6. Personal devices will not be supported by District staff. The District is not responsible for the content accessed by users who connect to the Internet via their personal mobile device and non-school network (e.g. cellular services).

  7. Students are responsible for backing up data regularly. If using a cloud-based system to save work, students must be aware when, or if, the Wi-Fi is not functioning.

  8. Students who use district owned and maintained technologies (the Chromebook) to access the Internet at home are responsible for both the cost and configuration of such use.

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