Whats, What in Harrison?

By Hannah Wilson and Kyle Bardusch


What if you went to school like it was any other day? You walk in, seat down, and then the announcements came on. Like all the schools in America show there respect everyday by singing the national anthem. Like always when you payed your respect you sung along with the recording of the "Star-Spangled Banner".

Well that is what happened at Harrison High School. Phillip Malloy a 14 year old, freshman got suspended for 2 days for singing the national anthem. The principle quotes "discipline problems are in the hands of the assistant principle, there for I knew nothing about this". With this statement I proceeded to call the assistant principle. When calling him he stated that it was not because he sang in class but because he put that he was a discipline problem from being a disturbance in class.

With the word from the principle, assistant principle, and Phillip Malloy. Whats, what in Harrison High School?