Montagio Blue Suits

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Montagio Blue Suits for Stylish Mens

Blue is a colour that suits all seasons and works well with any skin tone. Whereas deep ocean blue and navy blue suits are good for Men with lighter pores and skin tones, powder blues and light-weight blue suits complement Men with darker skin tones. The very best shirts for pairing with blue suits are white or gentle blue colored shirts. Discovering necktie or bowtie colours that match your blue suit shouldn't be a tough process either. Blue also gives you loads of freedom on the subject of selecting your shoes.

Due to this fact, you can complement your blue suits for men with well polished black sneakers and even use brown sneakers with shades like oxblood and camel. The most typical mistakes Men make once they wear blue suits is to either match it with horrible patterned shirts, odd ties or with black colored shirts and ties.

Since blue presents a wide range of selection on the subject of shades, always err on the side of warning if you happen to plan to wear your blue suit to the workplace.

While the navy blue model is the usual of office wear, shades of blue like royal blue or slate blue are equally acceptable. Avoid wearing plaids or thick pinstripes to work - persist with thin pinstripes if you happen to like them so much.

A white coloured shirt or an office blue one ought to be the very best shirts to complement your blue suit. If you wish to wear a patterned shirt, choose one with thin stripes to give you an understated look. A flashy tie can exude confidence with a thin striped shirt on a blue suit. The idea stays to have your shirt complement your tie, not compete with it.

The tie is the statement piece on the blue suit. Go for louder colours and fascinating patterns. Or when you favor sticking to sober colours, a solid blue, purple or grey will be perfectly acceptable. Round off your appearance with brown footwear and belt - not black. Whereas black will not spoil the look, it won't improve it within the manner that pure cocoa brown colored sneakers will.