Overpopulation in India

By: Alex Dalton, Peyton Borel, and Marielle Medina

Just some statistics!

India's population is 1.21 billion as of the 2011 census. It also makes up for 17.5% of the earth's population. 50% of the Indian population is under the age of 25, and 65% of the population is under the age of 35. It's estimated that by 2025, India will have the largest population in the world. Also, India is home to over 2,000 ethnic groups.

What if you had a issue that was so large it took generations to solve?

Overpopulation in India is becoming a big problem...

Life in India could be much better. The conditions are extremely poor and the overpopulation creates a volatile environment for all of those who inhabit it. Some things are improving through the rough time. As an example of this, we looked at the 2001 census versus todays percentages. It's changing its common roof material for the better, in rural india the portion of households using different materials for roofing. Natural materials 20%, Tiles 28.7%, Concrete 18.3%, Metal 15.9%, Burnt brick 15.7%. And those are increased numbers from the last census in 2001 where the roofing was for the majority made of natural material such as straw or soggy wood. It's surprising how something so standar could mean life or death in an unsanitary country. Although the people living on top of each other doesn't help the situations much.
India Mumbai overpopulation - shocking view

Not only a health issue..

Although there are major deadly health issues because of the overpopulation in India, there is also an obvious issue that occurs from time to time. Occasionally there are instances of stampedes. The Hindu population of India gathered at the Ganges river in India for the Prayag Kumbh Mela (A religious celebration) that occurs every 12 years. During this celebration there was a death toll of 36 caused from people tripping and getting crushed by the others wanting their moment in the healing river. Instances of this happen more often then not due to overpopulation.