New Years Day

Descriptive Lead

New year, new me. That’s how everyone starts off the first day of the new year. Not me. This year I started off the year like it should!

To begin this 2016 I hung out with some of my best friends and family. To start off, my friend who I was with on New Year’s Eve brought me to my sister’s house since we were both going there for New Years. She drove me and when we got there my brothers and some of my other friends from church were already there. We got there and headed out to the river they have in the back of their house. Everyone but my sister, my mom, and one brother didn’t come. When we got to the river there was a tree that had fallen and looked like a bridge. Two of my other brothers went and tried to cross it. Austin, one of my brothers, tried first but was too scared to cross. Jerad, my other brother, went across the tree to the other side of the river. After a minute of looking around he crossed again and we headed back to the house. My mom and sister had already started cooking and soon we ate and had a lot of fun.