Boom of sheep industry

Lisa Castillo 4thperiod

Why was are sheep industry important?

Because catching mustanges was no longer a profitable. Sheep had beeen raised,mostley in South Texas,for many years. There,colonist bred heavy sheep from East with lighter mexicans variety. This doubled sheep's weight and tripped amount of wool produced and thats what people needed back then to make things they need for a war or food could be made and they could even drink the milk and use the cows wisely fro things they needed.

When did the real boom start? How did he encourage people to raise sheep?

It had just began before the civil war. George Wilkins Kendall, a newspaper reporter, set up a 5,000 acre (2,025 hectare) ranch east of Boerne. Although he had promblem with diseases, drought,and native americans, he has still encoureg people to come raise sheep