With great Power, comes great Responsibility

Party Crasher

When you get your first personal device (Especially a cell phone), your first reaction would probably be "Finally!" But party time is over, you need to learn about the responsibilities of having a personal device. For example, you have to be careful about who you text or call, it could be a complete stranger or when you try and call your friend, they wouldn't know who just called them because you got a new device.


1. Before you call anyone, set your name. When you call someone they can tell you're calling them because it says your name.

2.When texting someone, you have to make sure that they know what you are feeling, for example, when you are in a good mood, type in your message and put a smiley face to let them know you are feeling happy!

3.When you are being cyber bullied, first step is to take a screenshot of the things they are saying to you. Then block them. Finally, tell a trusted adult.