Morning drop off

The JCC is requiring our families have ID in their cars so that security knows to which school the child belongs. This afternoon we will be handing out Conservatory Prep papers to place on your dashboard. Please keep visible.

If you will be dropping your child off before 7:45, please drop them off at the gym, where the area is supervised. The student can walk back to the classrooms from the gym.

When dropping off in the morning, please make sure to first drive past the entrance, make a u-turn and drop off in front of the the JCC so that the child is exiting the car on the passenger side of the car. Crossing in front of the car is very dangerous, particularly when other cars are dashing around in a rush.

And finally, Vice-President Joe Biden will be visiting the JCC this Thursday morning. You will be able to enter the Jcc, but will need to drop off at the gym as the rest of the parking area will be closed off. We will meet the students in the gym area and bring them down to the classrooms. The lobby to the JCC where our students typically enter will be blocked off and nobody will be able to enter in the morning. The VP will be out of the building by noon, along with his secret service entourage and then life will go back to normal.