Researcher Capabilities

Final Reflection Taylor Engel

Who benefits from my marketing research contribution? Are my participants going to learn anything, maybe about themselves?

Not only does Nature Yoga directly benefit from our research contribution, it can also be seen now as secondary data. Others can benefit using it to aid in their research. I also benefit immensely from my personal research contributions in all I have learned throughout the process about research and working directly with a client. The participants in the research and data collection process also benefit from being exposed to surveys and key informant interviews they not have been otherwise. Working in a team is also an important aspect of working that is often overlooked- it is so important to be able to work effectively and efficiently in a group.

How can my research be considered trustworthy?

Trustworthiness is very important in data collection and interpretation- ethical dilemmas can often come up and be overlooked. Our research is trustworthy because we worked extremely hard to get the highest quality of data possible. We used trustworthy sources in the beginning of the process to aid in better understanding data collection, interpretation, and how to write effective questions. After collection we interpreted the data honestly to provide the highest quality analysis even if it didn't speak to our MDO.

Has my purpose and/or motivation for this research project remained the same throughout the process?

At the beginning of the project I was excited to work with a new client and gain experience. Towards the middle of the project there was a lot going on and it was very hectic. Towards the end during data collection and analyzation I really enjoyed the project the most. Being able to see the results of a lot of work was rewarding and our analyzation spoke to MDO and our results were something Nature Yoga can really benefit from using in the short or long run.

How can my predictions from data analysis be connected to personal perceptions? How apparent or important are my biases?

I absolutely thought our results would have been 100% Nature Yoga HAS to add more classes and that is all that matters. This is because I don't enjoy any of the classes they offer personally- I enjoy hot yoga or Bikram which they do not offer. This personal bias could have persuaded our analyzation if we were not careful. That bias was apparent early on and easy to avoid, but recognizing these is essential in remaining outside of the project personally.

This class and Loyola's mission:

This class really relates to Loyola's mission especially in the last deliverable and all of the questioning about ethical dilemmas. Remaining true to Loyola's value and continuing to be morally and ethically sound lends itself to this class and project.